Diversity & Inclusion and Giving Back to the Community at Kevin Davis Insurance Services, Inc.

Since our inception in 2000, Diversity & Inclusion has always been a part of Kevin Davis Insurance Services, Inc.  It’s part of our DNA and is critical to our business growth and success. We take immense pride in the fact that we have a very diverse workforce.  70% of our staff is made up of women and minorities, and including management staff.

We accomplish this by subscribing to these three diversity and inclusion principals. They are specifically designed to provide a safe place to work, regardless of life challenges, and to provide business solutions to the challenges we face daily. 

Embracing Cultural Curiosity is the first; what we mean by cultural curiosity is that we are willing to be open and authentic which gives us the ability to turn towards uncomfortable conversations rather than run away. This allows us to respect each other’s differences while working together to achieve our companies’ goals. 

Culture of Trust & Active Listening is the second principal; in that we hold each other accountable to be honest and respectful of differing views and concerns. By listening actively, we are receptive to each other’s ideas and opinions which allows us to empower everyone to succeed. This creates energy and excitement in our organization which allow us to be more creative and imaginative in the decision- making process. 

Diverse Pipeline Development is the final principal, by investing in professional development and workforce training for our high-potential diverse talent, we are investing in the future of our company. 

Kevin Davis is also a member of the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA). The NAAIA was organized to create a network among people of color and others employed in or affiliated with the insurance industry. 

The association currently has 15 chapters, with 2 others in development, throughout the nation and its members represent every sector of the industry. Pooling this wealth of talent contributes significantly to the association and its members through the sharing of professional knowledge, information and experiences.

NAAIA attempts on a continuous basis to promote and enhance professionalism in a manner that leads to industry recognition and career opportunities for its members.

Giving Back at Kevin Davis Insurance Services, Inc.

At Kevin Davis Insurance Services, Inc.  we encourage each other to reach out and give back to our industry and our community, improving the lives of our employees and the world around us. It is our belief that the more our employees come together to help those in need, the more united we become as a company. 

With many hours of volunteering efforts, Kevin Davis Insurance Services, Inc employees actively promote the educational pursuits of children by partnering with local schools and volunteering with at-risk youths. We understand that educational success extends beyond the classroom. Kevin Davis Insurance Services, Inc believes that knowledge empowers and learning leads to change and growth of individuals and businesses.

Our Commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience drives us forward every day as a great team.