Kevin Davis Insurance Services (KDIS) offers an array of essential insurance products with terms and conditions in our policies that address the wide range of issues that community associations and their board members face. KDIS’ extensive knowledge coupled with our first-hand experience in handling claims for community associations provide us with the understanding and insight needed to help craft coverage that responds to our clients’ unique risks.

For example, our Directors & Officers (D&O) policy protects board members against potential issues and disputes that can lead to costly litigation for an association. This can include everything from disputes between unit owners and the board, disputes over responsibility for the common areas within the association, as well as large and complex issues where litigation ensues, such as enforcement issues, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and employment practices liability-related claims.

Our Crime policy is designed to protect associations against fraud, forgery, and theft while our Umbrella insurance responds in the event of unexpected catastrophes that can lead to lawsuits and liability amounts beyond what a General Liability policy and Directors and Officers typically cover.