4 Tips for Reducing Crime in Community Associations

A community association board is responsible for the overall well-being of the community that they serve. Not only does a safe community keep residents at ease, it also improves the financial value of the community. One of the ways to help keep a community safe is to take steps toward crime prevention. Even in cities that are deemed safe and have low incidence of crime, it should still be a priority to take all reasonable precautions. Here are four steps that community association board members can take to help reduce crime in their community associations.

Tip #1: Clear and up-to-date signage.

The community association board can invest in professionally designed signs that not only provide residents and guests with important information and reminders, but also look attractive. Signs can be used in different areas of the community to communicate guidelines surrounding designated parking areas, pool rules and restrictions, authorized use of common areas such as barbecues and gazebos, noise restrictions and public smoking areas. Having rule and restrictions clearly posted allows residents to be aware of the regulations and makes it easier for the association to determine if an infraction has occurred.

Tip #2: Well-Lit Exteriors

Having well-lit exteriors can help to make the community a beautiful place, even at night. Great lighting can also prevent accidental falls and injuries, making it easier for residents and guests to see where they are going at night. Well-lit exteriors also have the benefit of helping to deter criminal activity since many criminals tend to avoid areas that are well-lit, as it increases their chances of being seen or caught in the act.

Tip #3: Adopt a “Lock it Up” Policy

Encourage residents and guests to always keep cars and homes locked up tight, and ensure common areas such as laundry facilities or clubhouses are always kept locked as well. Signs can be placed around the community as a reminder, which may also serve as a deterrent to criminals who may be passing through. Many crimes are committed simply out of convenience, and just keeping everything locked up can be enough of a deterrence for opportunistic thieves.

Tip #4: Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group

Community associations can benefit heavily from organizing a neighborhood watch group. Setting up a neighborhood watch helps to keep more eyes on the community, so even when a crime is committed, it can be reported and dealt with very quickly. In addition, a neighborhood watch group has the benefit of bringing neighbors together over a common ground, and making them feel like they are involved in the community in an important way.

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