Are Your Hotel Clients Prepared for Holiday Season?

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, the highways and byways and airports in the United States always sees a flood of travelers going here and there, visiting families and flooding the skies and streets. Last year, AAA projected more than 107 million people traveled for the holiday season, and that number is predicted to rise in 2018.

With all this traveler traffic, it’s no secret that people are going to need a place to stay. And while sites like Airbnb are an option as well as family homes to bunk at, hotels are still the common landing spots for travelers over the holiday season. With this massive and growing flux of people coming and going, hotels need to do their best to prepare for the season.

Invest in Insurance

No matter the season, hotels and resorts have to have some sort of Hotel Insurance in place to protect against everyday liabilities. Slips, falls, fires, floods, disputes, etc. Insurance programs for resort hotels help to safeguard against claims that can fall on them for even the slightest and most unlikely infraction. But with more guests visiting for the holidays and the possibility of max capacity, hotels need to be more diligent about protecting their well-being from the growing risk that comes with more business.

Closed to Arrival

Hotels that usually see a high volume of guests can apply closed to arrival dates to deal with demand. This is a good problem to have, but still needs to be taken care of. Putting this in place will deal with travelers who stay over through the holidays, say a couple days past Christmas, as opposed to trying to handle new arrivals. With closed to arrival dates set, hotels won’t accept reservations for arrivals on the day in question, and guests will only be allowed to stay through from previous nights.

Review Rates

It’s always important to research the surrounding market to check if your rates are competitive. Are you underselling your rooms? Overselling? You need to set the correct price point so you can attract would-be guests who are weighing their options.

Hotels and resorts can also prep for the holiday rush by putting together packages that can be personalized for the holiday season. Hotels can give certain discounts for the season or add perks such as tickets to holiday events at nearby venues. This will strengthen ties with local commerce and business as well.

Don’t Overbook

While it’s exciting to think about packing your hotel to max capacity and keep things busy through the holiday season, it’s important to go at it with a measured and calculated approach. Some hotels may overbook their rooms in anticipation of cancellations, so when things even out after people cancel they still have a full house. However, this can be a problem if not enough people end up cancelling their hotel plans and people are left wondering why they can’t have their room they originally planned.

Double booking will only lead to complaints and possibly even claims made against travelers who made their way to you from other parts of the country only to be told their room is not available. Instead of overbooking, make sure to review and refine your cancellation policies to make sure you don’t operate at a loss.

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