Best Practices to Prevent Burglaries in an HOA

For residents of an HOA, safety is one of the most—if not the most important—aspect of wanting to live in a certain neighborhood. Keeping crime, such as burglary and vandalism, low should be a major priority for an HOA board.

However, HOA residents in the past have brought cases against associations, in which HOA crime insurance coverage would be helpful when it comes to covering high legal fees during litigation. And while in general an association cannot be held liable to the residents for harm done by all criminal intruders, putting a focus on overall neighborhood safety should be a priority.

Around the country, HOAs in places like Houston and Los Angeles have seen major claims made against them for negligence in relation to burglaries and neighborhood crime. To keep these claims low, as well as the crime in an HOA, there are some helpful steps that can be taken.

Keep It Locked Up

HOA’s should do their best to keep intruders out or persuaded to stay away by installing automated gates or higher fences. If this isn’t an option, HOAs should relay to their residents that locking up at night or when they’re away is always a good rule of thumb.

Keep the Lights On

A lighted neighborhood can translate into a safer neighborhood. Streets and public areas in a community that lack proper lighting can open up the opportunity for burglars or vandals to strike, feeling they have coverage to do what they are wanting to do without being exposed. Homeowners should be encouraged to leave an exterior light on at night, even if it’s a side light that runs on efficiency bulbs. Any source of light can add to the visual of security and help cut down on crime.

Community Networking

When an HOA encourages its residents to get to know each other, they are creating a sense of community and togetherness that can involve looking out for one another. An HOA board can help to foster a sense of community by holding events that bring people together. From HOA meetings to weekend barbecues, there are many different ways for HOAs to bring people together and boost community.

Speaking Up

HOA’s should also put an emphasis on residents reporting any crime or suspicious activity they may see around a neighborhood, even if it’s a small incident that turns out to not be an issue. If a community has an on-site security company, homeowners should have their contact information saved for easier access. By seeing something and saying something, the neighborhood can be kept safer and more transparent.

While an HOA can post these tips and relay them to their community members, it’s really up to the community residents themselves to come together as a group to look out for the neighborhood. Board members who follow these basic tips can make a large impact on keeping the neighborhood’s reputation as a great place to live.

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