Condo Association Wholesale Insurance Programs

For many people, owning a condominium is appealing because while it grants them ownership, they do not have to take on all of the responsibilities that a homeowner would take, particularly in regards to maintaining the property. As the condo association is responsible for maintenance and management of the overall building and its common areas as well as the safety of its residents, it is privy to a number of responsibilities and exposures. At Kevin Davis Insurance Services, we offer our portfolio of coverages to the Condominium Association market and can protect against all types of exposures.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

You most likely understand the risks that the directors, officers, and committee members of a condo association face in their operations. In order to protect the members of your condominium association from claims stemming from injury in a common area to breach of contract, EPLI, wrongful foreclosure, and more, we offer flagship D&O coverage for your condominium association featuring some of the best enhancements that will protect all members, employees, and volunteers of the association; cover monetary and non-monetary claims; provide legal defense against allegations of misdeeds; cover punitive and exemplary damages; and even include coverage for the independent community management company and the builder and developer when acting as a member of the Board. We have a deep understanding of the challenges these associations face, and understand how to respond in the face of losses and claims.

Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

It’s always best to be prepared for the worst, and a Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance policy will ensure that a condominium association will be protected in the event of a catastrophe. Our umbrella policy will provide a condominium association with a far greater liability limit and protect the association and its owners from having to cover legal fees or judgments in the event of a significant loss.

When providing umbrella coverage, we develop proper liability limit amounts based on many personalized factors such as the community association’s size, individual exposures, and what is covered under existing policies. For example, our policy will cover most D&O policies as well as Employment Practices Liability exposures that are part of the D&O policies. We offer our coverage for high-rise associations and buildings up to thirty-five stories, and can cover higher buildings by referral.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Managers of community associations such as condominium associations face a number of professional liability exposures due to the services that they provide, and we provide Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance for managers who are acting on behalf of their association. Don’t think that a D&O policy will cover everything: this may not be the case in the event of claims of a wrongful act that causes financial harm. Our E&O coverage will fill in the gaps and protect community association directors. As Condominium Insurance Law states, there is the chance that a director could be sued or held responsible when acting on behalf of the association, and this is where our E&O policy comes in, offering tailored solutions to cover a variety of exposures.


About Kevin Davis Insurance Services

For over 35 years, Kevin Davis Insurance Services has built an impressive reputation as a strong wholesale broker offering insurance products for the community association industry. Our President Kevin Davis and his team take pride in offering committed services to the community association market and providing them with unparalleled access to high-quality coverage, competitive premiums, superior markets, and detailed customer service. To learn more about the coverage we offer, contact us toll-free at (877) 807-8708 to speak with one of our representatives.