Crowded Streets and Burned Treats: Thanksgiving Can Be a Hazardous Holiday For HOAs

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate each other and be thankful. It’s also a great time to enjoy homemade food like pumpkin pie, stuffing, and the centerpiece, the turkey. However, when it comes to cooking the Thanksgiving bird the amount of safety risks skyrocket on the holiday. Plus, with more guests coming through, neighborhood streets are more crowded and open to crime.

Rising Risks

U.S. Fire Administration data shows that between 2014 and 2016 included 2,400 residential building fires, resulting in more than $19 million in property loss. The main reason behind this points to cooking mishaps in the kitchen, mainly when it includes cooking a turkey. This is a nightmare for families who have to spend their holiday dealing with the fallout of a kitchen fire and just as much a nightmare for homeowners associations who see their liabilities rise in one single day.

It’s plain to see that homes and their owners are at risk when it comes to holiday cooking. But Thanksgiving poses an even greater risk of a kitchen mishap because of simple mistakes of cooking with oil, deep-frying gone wrong, or simply forgetting about checking in on the bird in the oven. Whatever mistakes are made to culminate in a burnt down kitchen or building, homeowners association insurance is needed to protect an HOA against liabilities.

Insurance needs to be in place for HOAs to provide financial backup in times of legal litigation. Homeowners may claim that parts of the home were more flammable or susceptible to heat and fire, for instance. Having this as a backup will provide peace of mind in your HOA clients.

Crowded Streets

Another hazard HOAs face on Thanksgiving is the fact that streets, driveways and carports will be fuller than other days of the year. Guests are coming from far and wide to celebrate not only for the day, but possibly a few days or even a full week.

Having a crowded street with cars parked all along it will pose a bigger risk of crime occurring. Even in safe neighborhoods, there is still the risk of having cars broken into or vandalized. What’s more, your HOA clients should encourage residents to let neighbors know ahead of time if they are hosting a Thanksgiving party or are having a big number of guests stop over. While each HOA operates under its own rules when it comes to the rules of parking, there should be clear communication and expectations as to what is allowed.

From us to you, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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