Different Types of HOAs = Different Insurance Needs

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Different HOAs have unique HOA insurance needs. Dive into how lakefront townhomes differ from high rises. Understand HOA responsibilities & how to secure your community.

Join Kevin and Robert as they venture into the intricate landscape of insurance for homeowners’ associations. This episode sheds light on how a lakeside townhome in Boise doesn’t share the same coverage needs as a towering condo. For board members and homeowners alike, understanding the nuances is crucial. With each HOA type presenting unique risks, Kevin highlights why tailored insurance is not just beneficial but essential. Keep your property safeguarded and your investment intact. Dive into the ins and outs of HOA insurance with us!

Chapters from today’s episode: Different Types of HOAs = Different Insurance Needs

00:00 Complicated HOA Property Damage for Insurance
00:57 What does your HOA insurance cover based on your type of community?
08:40 HOA Liability Insurance and the HOA Board of Directors responsibilitie
12:51 Insurance is for accidents, not normal life
18:56 Things you can do to help your HOA


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