HOA Rule Making: Fostering a Positive Community

When it comes to creating a friendly and inclusive HOA, setting up the rules and Responsibilities of an HOA are vital. Putting the right parameters in place can help make residents in a community happy, informed, and able to live cohesively.

When it comes to forming these parameters, or HOA rules, it’s up to the HOA board to create them, enforce them, and educate residents. The key is finding the right balance in the rules to protect the value of a community while making sure to foster a true communal feel in an HOA. Here are some guidelines that HOA’s can use to help foster a positive community.

An Emphasis on Common Sense

Rules should be created only if they are absolutely necessary and should be based on the right authority within a community. An HOA should be careful that their set of rules don’t limit the activities of its residents and should have the right level of balance in protecting freedom while also protecting home values and safety among residents.

Communicate Clearly

The rules set up by an HOA should be clear, concise, and easy to follow. Complying with the rules should ever be hard or up for much misinterpretation. This could lead to potential lawsuits and issues with accountability and miscommunication on amenities, for instance. Residents of an HOA should be made aware of the rules so they can adapt to them.

Review the Rules

The rules of an HOA should be examined at regular intervals to help keep them current with the diversity and makeup of the community. If there are any rules that need to be eliminated or revised, it would help to ask for thoughts and concerns from the residents.

Take Swift Action

If a rule is broken, an HOA should be sure to act promptly to limit concern or potential effects. Any residents who does cross a boundary should receive proper notice of their action or behavior, along with a clear-cut description of the consequences they will face.

Following that, an HOA board should listen to their description and explanation of what they did and why. Residents do have a right to legal counsel should they feel they are being penalized in an unfair way. If this happens, they may turn the tables on an HOA client by bringing forth a lawsuit that hones in on a board’s directors and officers. This is another reason why having a comprehensive HOA insurance package is important.

Keep from Setting Extreme Rules

While having clear boundaries are important, making rules that are too strict can end up backfiring. An HOA board should resist instituting knee-jerk rules when there’s an issue at hand. An HOA should try to create and enforce rules with understanding and sympathy. The same should go for penalties that are given out to residents who do end up breaking the rules.

Rules Should Help, Not Hinder

Rules should be set in place to work for the community, not against it. If a rule ends up creating a bigger mess than intended, and pits residents against the board, then they should be reviewed and altered as needed in order to create a more livable and understanding community.

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