HOAs & Parking Enforcements

Homeowners’ associations offer a range of attractive amenities to their members. In many cases, HOAs cover landscaping costs, provide private security, and fund pools or tennis courts. These benefits are indeed a major selling point, but some of the requirements of HOAs are viewed less favorably. An HOA may mandate how homes are painted or yards are manicured, for example. Can HOA force you to park in your garage, and if so, can HOA fine you for parking on street? Read on to find out why an HOA might try to control residents’ parking habits.

Protect Community

One of the most important responsibilities of an HOA is the protection of the community. Without an HOA, there is little regulation of community visitors and their behavior. An HOA implements a structure of safety that helps prevent unwanted visitors that may bring disruption or crime. This is one reason why the organization might issue parking tickets. Parking tickets dissuade non-residents from parking illegally and ultimately discourage visitors from frequenting the community in the first place.

Retain Property Value

Yet another important responsibility of the HOA is the protection of property values. This is typically accomplished by policing many of the variables that determine property value — exterior appearance, landscaping, and the overall condition of a home. With strict standards in place to maintain these elements, an HOA can keep property values high. To this end, illegally parked cars may be viewed as a threat to property values in the community, so an HOA may crack down by issuing parking tickets to any offending drivers.

Generate Revenue

In order to carry out operations, an HOA must have sufficient funding from its members. There are many costs associated with operating an HOA, including HOA insurance, salaries of board members, and maintenance and landscaping. Most of its revenue is generated by member dues, but there is often a need for additional funding, which may be generated by issuing fines. These fines can be levied if a member violates a documented rule of the community — including parking regulations. In these instances, parking tickets may even be a major source of funding for an HOA.

Maintain Compliance

In order for an HOA to be effective, its members must comply with its rules. Sometimes citations, including parking tickets, are issued to maintain a culture of compliance within the HOA. Violations may be viewed as a slippery slope, and if one rule isn’t enforced, it might lead to increasingly egregious violations. HOA insurance is designed to protect HOAs against liabilities associated with general operation, including the enforcement of rules. If residents push back against rules such as parking regulations, it can quickly escalate into a legal liability — but insurance can provide coverage.

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