How and Why to Perform a Hotel Risk Assessment

Hotel risk assessment is an important part of security and safety among the hotel client base and the hotel’s premises. Like any business, a hotel needs a risk assessment to understand what needs to be addressed and how management can improve safety. From fires to slipping to falling injuries, hotels come with a number of unique and avoidable risks that can end up in a variety of liability claims.

A hotel risk assessment can help a resort understand what kind of coverage it needs in order to stay protected against these claims. A resort hotel associations liability program will provide coverage for hotels while they are fine-tuning the way they go about keeping their visitors safe. Here are the reasons why it’s important to have a risk assessment protocol at resorts.

Prevention Helps Keep Claims Away

While not every claim can be prevented, cutting down on the number of claims is a good start. If there are avoidable opportunities where a hotel’s management could have kept visitors from becoming injured it can be looked at as negligence. If this happens, this an insurance company that provides insurance for resort hotels won’t be giving out a single dollar to the hotel. A hotel can run an assessment on a regular basis to look for unnecessary risks.

Risk management actions can help protect a hotel’s brand as well. Making changes and updates to improve the quality of service and experience for visitors can boost the feeling of safety and security on site. This will, in turn, help the hotel’s brand and preference among travelers who are looking for a dependable and accountable place to stay.

How to Do It

There are no fixed ways in which to go about a risk assessment, but they can be personalized over time to maximize the potential to limit risks. Hotels can start by identifying hazards, such as low clearances, railing, exposed wiring, and walkways. Hotels can evaluate the risks and decide how to control these measures before recording findings and implement them.

After reviewing an assessment, hotels can update their operations if necessary.

In order to identify hazards, they can be identified by using a number of different techniques such as asking employees or taking walks around the workplace. Once hazards and risks are identified, understanding who is harmed and how is the next step in limiting risk in the future.

All findings should be written down, typed up, and kept documented as this is a legal requirement where there are five or more employees. By recording these findings, it shows that hazards have been identified and steps have been made to limit risks over time.

By determining what is needed to uphold the safety and security of a resort, a plan can be made to remove threats. This can help to prevent the loss of hotel and guest property, avoid injuries and accidents, and prevent further risk issues down the road.

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