How HOAs Can Prevent Crime in Their Neighborhood

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) can prevent crime in their neighborhoods by acting vigilantly and understanding protocol. They can then offer many valuable services to their residents. In addition to maintaining amenities and enforcing community standards, HOAs must keep their neighborhoods safe and clean. The latter of these responsibilities can be difficult if there’s an uptick in criminal activity or if security is an issue. Still, there are many approaches that HOA leaders can employ to minimize the possibility of criminal activity and ensure that residents feel secure.

HOAs Can Prevent Crime with Simple Solutions

Consider the following four tips to establish an HOA risk mitigation strategy.

Understand Obligations

HOAs can prevent crime by implementing basic rules. Additionally, the leadership must take time to understand their obligations when confronting the possibility of crime. Most HOAs enter into a contractual agreement with community residents, and this contract will outline the responsibilities of each party. It’s not uncommon for HOAs to offer private security services as part of their membership package. The board of an HOA must assess the obligations detailed in their contracts. Additionally, they must determine the crime prevention or security to implement and provide the services to residents.

Get Acquainted With Neighbors

HOA members and leaders should take the time to get acquainted with community residents. One of the most common culprits of crime is the presence of unauthorized persons staying in the community. Most HOAs will keep track of the vehicles that each member drives to enforce parking violations. HOAs can use these records to detect if an unknown person has been staying in the community for a prolonged period. If so, HOAs should investigate to identify the person and assess whether they pose a threat.

Keep Up Appearances

Appearances are often an essential factor in limiting criminal activity in a neighborhood. Unfortunately, when an area becomes dirty and run-down, it can be a self-fulfilling prophesy, inviting illegal activity that further contributes to its decline. Conversely, though, a community that appears to be attractive and well-kept can deter a potential threat. A clean community demonstrates that people pay attention, which is the opposite of what criminals want. HOAs should maintain landscaping and other aesthetic elements to minimize potential crime.

Invest in Lights and Locks

Criminals are also liable to look for areas that facilitate concealment. If streets don’t have good lighting, a criminal can more easily travel between homes and wreak havoc. HOAs should thus ensure that streets have sufficient lighting. HOAs should also remind residents to secure all doors with locks. No matter how idyllic a neighborhood may be, leaving doors unlocked is inadvisable. If criminal activity emerges in an HOA, crime and fidelity insurance for HOA can help mitigate the fallout. Help your HOA clients choose the right crime insurance for their community.

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