How Hotels Can Prepare for Halloween Festivities

Hotels can prepare for Halloween festivities by looking at the activities people enjoy, and delivering that to their guests. Halloween is the ultimate celebration of all things scary and spooky. It’s also an opportunity for hotels and other hospitality establishments to connect with guests, foster a fun environment, and provide exemplary service.

Prepare for Halloween: Cool Things to Try

All these factors can make the Halloween season a particularly profitable time of year, but hotels must maximize this potential by adequately preparing for the holiday.

It includes investing in directors & officers liability coverage to protect against professional liability.

Directors & officers liability — also called D&O insurance — confronts something much scarier than Halloween. It protects an establishment’s employees from litigation based on any alleged wrongful act. In addition to addressing liabilities like this, hotels can get ready for Halloween with the following four tips.

Invest in Spooky Decor

Ambiance is everything, and when hotels prepare for Halloween, decorations are essential. Hotels should invest in an array of silly and spooky décor items to set a festive mood throughout the environment. Fake cobwebs, a few plastic skeletons, and some mood lighting can all play a significant role in the experience that a guest enjoys. When selecting décor, it’s essential to ensure that everything is family-friendly — remember that Halloween is about having fun.

Provide Trick-or-Treating

Hotel guests with kids will appreciate the opportunity to indulge in a trick-or-treat setup. When Halloween arrives, hotels can do this by setting up treat stations at various points in the building. For example, if the hotel has a gym or office space, each could become a makeshift house for families to visit and trick-or-treat at. Hotels should ensure that staff is present to attend to each station.

Host a Costume Contest

When it comes to Halloween, nothing is more important than the costumes. People of all ages love dressing up, going all out, and having fun. Hotels can encourage guests to participate in the Halloween spirit by hosting a costume contest. The contest should include categories for different age groups and offer fun prizes to the winners. Prizes may consist of a candy treat bag, gift cards for local eateries, or even access to exclusive amenities at the hotel that may usually incur an additional charge.

Offer a Guide to Events

Although hotels can offer many opportunities for Halloween fun, most guests celebrating Halloween will probably leave the hotel to do so. Hotels can ensure guests enjoy the festivities by compiling a guide of all the necessary local events. For example, if a town is hosting a Halloween parade or a community-wide trick-or-treat event, they should share the details about these activities with hotel visitors. The guide should indicate whether each event is family-friendly or adult-only.

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