How Hotels Can Prepare for Summer

How hotels prepare for summer ultimately will determine how they succeed and whether they turn a profit or falter. Homeowners associations stay prepared with HOA insurance, but what should hotels do to provide a fun, safe experience for their guests? Since summer is the hospitality industry’s busiest season, hotels must prepare well in advance.

Hotel Summer Preparation

The following should be on every manager’s checklist.

Take Care of Repairs

With so many people coming and going, it’s no surprise that doors stick, floors get scuffed, and appliances break. However, guests won’t be so understanding if they can’t use the amenities they paid top dollar for. Maintenance staff should do their best to address the most pressing issues before tourist season, as their workload will only increase once guests start pouring in.

Update Old Decor

Social media is essential to hospitality since guests love sharing photos and stories about their adventures. Many people gravitate toward “trendy” locations showcased online. To appeal to younger generations, hotels must keep their decor up-to-date. Otherwise, they’ll gain a reputation for being stuck in the past.

Hire Seasonal Staff

Summer preparations for hotels should always include hiring extra help. Customer service is essential in the hospitality industry, and guests aren’t afraid to leave bad reviews if they feel employees aren’t attentive. Unfortunately, running a skeleton crew is a surefire way to run staff ragged without giving guests a great experience. Managers should hire temporary workers for the busy season to ensure the hotel has enough hands on deck.

Update Official Website

You may wonder how hotels can get ready for the busy summer season via the digital realm. Many people turn to the internet to research and book vacations, so hospitality companies need a solid online presence. One way to do so is to update the hotel website with search engine optimization content:

  1. Blog posts containing keywords
  2. Webpages detailing services and location
  3. Photos and videos of amenities

Make Booking Easy

The online booking process is guests’ first impression of a hotel’s customer service. Individuals who find this process confusing, complicated, or shady may abandon ship and look for accommodations elsewhere. Hotels should streamline booking as much as possible and set up responsive support to address any issues.

Promote Packages

Promotion should start well in advance of summer. Most people plan their vacations ahead of time, so hotels must start their marketing campaigns months before the busy season. One great way to catch people’s eye is special packages. Vacationers want to save money without sacrificing fun, and packages can offer this.

Upgrade Insurance Coverage

Hotels may not need HOA insurance, but they still need protection. For example, liability insurance protects enterprises from civil cases if guests get injured on their property. Hotels should also consider policies for property damage, as they don’t want to foot the bill if rowdy crowds destroy their conference rooms.

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