How To Establish Communication with HOAs

You are an insurance agent and one of the most essential things you must learn how to do is to establish communication with HOAs. There are many reasons why HOA communication is essential. For insurance agents covering one of these organizations, it’s vital to reassess risk and regularly maintain contact with your insureds. If there’s no claim or matter of urgent importance, though, keeping this connection current can be a challenge.

Communication with HOAs

How do HOAs communicate with insurers, and how should insurers avoid lapsing into a lack of contact? A few strategies can facilitate better communication between HOAs and insurance agents. Consider the following four tools to ensure that you’re in the loop with your HOA clients.

Take it to the Web

It’s no secret that most of our daily communication happens online. Whether it’s through email, messaging, or social media, the web mediates the majority of our conversations. Communicate clearly with your clients, then by including an HOA, and then you can do so by using the web. You can start a website to field client feedback, for example, and streamline your ability to communicate with an HOA. It allows you to communicate with the HOA as a whole and receive valuable feedback, too.

Connect via Social Media

A website can be a helpful communication tool to welcome inquiries from your insured HOAs, but social media is likely a better option for simple two-way communication. Social media can facilitate communication between insurers and HOAs by providing a straightforward venue to exchange messages. It also offers a platform for you to publicly share important news and developments with your clients — though, of course, it’s not ideal if you need to share privileged information about policies and other sensitive data.

Don’t Overlook Email

When it comes to a safe and secure communication option, email usually is the best option. It’s the best mode of communication if you’re looking for a way to transmit data about HOA insurance as securely as possible. More importantly, it’s an excellent tool for checking in with your insureds and getting written clarification on any issues that may require their attention. Suppose you are particularly concerned about the confidentiality of your communications with an HOA. In that case, several secure email services offer to encrypt messages so that they receive protection from any unauthorized access.

Pick Up the Phone

Perhaps the easiest method of communication is the tried-and-true phone call. If you need to ask a quick question or reestablish contact after a quiet period, this is the best tool. A phone call is best suited to casual communications, though, so if you’re discussing essential policy details or the status of a claim, an email may be a better form of contact for the occasion.

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