How to Keep Your HOA Members Safe This Summer

Memorial Day is often seen as the kickoff to the summer season, although summer doesn’t officially begin until later in June. However, many HOA residents, especially around the Southern California area, are ready to spend the next couple of months celebrating the sunshine and warm weather. With more residents spending time outside, having barbecues, enjoying community pools or other outdoor amenities, it’s a good idea for the HOA board to take some steps to ensure residents’ safety and ensure the community is ready for the summer too.

Assess and Update Signage

With a little time and weather, the lettering on HOA signs can become faded and difficult to see, which can pose both a safety risk and a liability risk for the association. Before summer officially begins is a great time to ensure that all signage is clear and legible. If an accident were to happen, you would not want residents or their guests to be able to argue that they were unaware of safety rules due to illegibility of signs. Additionally, it’s important to check that all of the signs up to date and compliant with any state or federal laws as well as association bylaws. Laws can change and cause certain rules to be seen as unlawful or discriminatory, so it’s important to ensure all signage is compliant with current regulations to minimize the risk of litigation against the HOA.

Ensure Amenities are Ready for Use

As the weather continues to warm up, residents will be utilizing outdoor amenities more frequently. Priority should be given to ensuring that these amenities are functioning properly and their surrounding areas are safe. Pools, spas, barbecue grills and gazebos should be inspected for any damage or excessive wear and tear and necessary repairs or maintenance should be done prior to opening them up to residents and their guests.

Get Necessary Maintenance Projects Done

Potholes in the roads or parking lots can be a big hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike. If repaving is on the horizon, it may be better to get it on the calendar sooner than later. The hotter, drier days can help maintenance projects to be completed faster, allowing wet materials to dry out much faster, and they are less likely to be delayed due to unpredictable weather.

With some careful planning, basic community maintenance and an up-to-date HOA liability program you can ensure your entire community has a safe, happy and productive summer season.


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