Improving Safety Within an HOA

Homeowner’s associations are groups that help maintain communal property such as streets and parks and set rules for keeping a neighborhood safe and attractive. Usually, HOA members pay fees to cover these services. Such groups are especially common in planned communities, suburbs, and condos, but they can exist anywhere.

If you provide HOA insurance, keeping your insured communities safe is critical because they present such high liabilities. The next time you meet with your clients, emphasize these ways that they can protect their members and property.

Prioritize Good Lighting

Adding proper lighting is one of the easiest steps towards enhancing safety within HOA communities. Motion sensor lighting on your clients’ doorsteps saves electricity bills and alerts them when someone is outside. Placing and maintaining bright street lights along every road cuts down crime and helps members feel safer when they’re driving at night.

Work With Law Enforcement

Your clients should have active relationships with their law enforcement teams. HOAs should ask their local police force about their patrolling patterns, and officers should come to HOA meetings to address any concerns they have.

Emphasize Members’ Safety

Creating rules to keep HOA residents safe also helps promote safety within the community. Your HOA insurance clients should have common-sense rules such as no driving while texting, no excessive partying, and no use of dangerous substances such as fireworks or firecrackers. They should also require their members to keep up with their lawn maintenance so that infestations of snakes, rodents, and other dangerous animals don’t develop.

Take Care of Road Safety

Your HOA clients must leave plenty of room in their budgets for maintaining their roads’ safety. Pedestrian crossings, extra stop signs, and speed bumps are great ways to help members drive the speed limit and prevent accidents. For extreme cases, investing in signs that flash drivers’ speeds as they pass by can help raise awareness about speeding. Your clients can also hold meetings where they review speed limits and the penalties for exceeding them.

Inspect Hazards Efficiently

Whenever your clients hear about potential hazards, they must respond to them efficiently. The most common issues are broken tree limbs, fallen trees blocking roads, and downed power lines after storms. Depending on your clients’ location, though, their HOAs may be prone to sinkholes and other serious problems. Ask your clients about their reporting procedures to ensure that members know exactly how to notify their HOAs about safety hazards.

Work With Professionals

To keep their clients safe, your HOA insurance clients must know when they can handle a situation and when it’s time to call for help. Working with professional security teams, landscaping companies, and construction crews ensures that their HOA’s necessary work gets done quickly, correctly, and safely.

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