Key HOA Communication Strategies

Most people know that an HOA is a governing structure for a planned community and takes care of creating bylaws, rules, and regulations for residents to abide by. Rules are different for every community, but some common rules address certain things like the number of cars residents are allowed to park on the property. To ensure that residents abide by the rules, an effective HOA communication strategy is essential to layout.

Here are some HOA Communication tips.

Be Consistent in Communications

Consistent communication plays a helpful role in every homeowner’s association. It is one of the best ways to capture and maintain the attention of residents. HOA’s don’t need to email their residents daily, but they need to keep them informed about rules, events, finances, policies, and meetings. Digital communication may be the best way for HOAs to establish and preserve ongoing communication consistency and can be executed through email newsletters, text updates, social media posts, and monthly letters.

Digital Newsletter

A simple digital newsletter can be a valuable way of highlighting ongoing or upcoming projects at an HOA, reminding homeowners of important rules, recognizing individuals in the community, and promoting events. Digital newsletters can be sent out via email to homeowners monthly or quarterly and are easier to distribute than traditional paper newsletters.

Always Be Accessible

Solid communication involves the exchange of information. That means that HOAs need to listen to their residents and consider their take on topics. Being accessible through email, social media, or phone can help residents feel like they are being taken seriously in their thoughts and concerns. Ideally, HOAs will have more than one communication tool for residents to use. HOAs should be sure that appropriate resources are available to address feedback or organize information.

Social Media

As mentioned above, social media is a great way for HOAs to engage with their residents more easily. Social media shouldn’t be the primary communication tool for HOAs, but it can be useful if leadership is trying to engage with the community. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, social media is vast and dynamic, as well as visually appealing and easy to use. While HOAs shouldn’t share important information about the board, HOAs can use it to conduct polls, share information about events, post pictures and other media, and feature posts from residents with permission.

Social media can be a great communication tool, but HOAs should only use it wisely, no matter the platform. It can be difficult to regulate social media platforms, and there are a few HOA members who will always use social media to rant or air their grievances in some way.

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