Making a Case for Hiring an HOA Manager in 2022

Homeowners associations can be amazing communities to live in. They offer plenty of conveniences and amenities. An HOA enforces certain rules to make sure all properties maintain a neat appearance, respect other residents, and can even settle any disputes that arise.

Part of what makes an HOA successful is a good manager. Learn more about why you should hire an HOA manager and the qualities and skills they must have.

Why You Need an HOA Manager

HOA managers take care of all aspects of the community, from HOA Insurance to maintaining common areas. They enforce the rules for all residents. HOA managers generate interest for the residents to attend board meetings and become involved in the community. They provide important information and updates through newsletters and agendas.

Managers are also responsible for developing and maintaining favorable relationships with vendors and other contacts that are necessary to keep the community in good repair. A good manager can call upon a plumber or skilled landscaping team.

Another essential function of an HOA manager is to oversee and manage the finances. They must prepare periodic financial statements and explain the details to board members. A manager may need to locate the funds necessary to cover an emergency expense or desired project. They must also inventory everything owned by the HOA at least once every three years and report the details of the currently available resources.

What Makes a Good HOA Manager

A properly run homeowners association can make life easier for all the residents, and hiring an HOA manager is the first step. The job of an HOA manager can be stressful and not everyone can perform all the tasks that the work involves. Managers must have the right personality and skills to handle the constant multitasking and demands upon their time. A good list of requirements, qualities, and characteristics to look for in an HOA manager include the following:

  • Encourage involvement in the community and social events
  • Maintain a calm and professional attitude
  • Understand how HOA Insurance coverage works
  • Train board members
  • Speak well in public
  • Accounting skills and comfortable dealing with finances
  • Vast knowledge of HOA rules and regulations
  • Confidently voice opinions
  • Be a leader
  • Stay organized at all times
  • Be approachable and keep communication open between management and residents
  • Respond to concerns quickly
  • Have mediation skills to diffuse arguments

It’s best to interview promising candidates with several members of the board to get a good feel for how they would fit into the community.

HOA managers can be invaluable to the residents of a managed community. When a candidate is carefully selected and vetted, they have the potential to simplify many aspects of life for everyone involved. This can translate to a happy and close-knit community that is a joy to be a part of.

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