Revamp HOA Relations: Mastering Your Communication Tone

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In this episode learn to unlock the power of effective HOA communication tone! Improve your board’s relationship with residents and elevate your community.

Today, we explore the crucial topic of Association communication tone in HOA communities. Robert Julie dive deep into the power of clear, concise, and positive communication with homeowners. Discover actionable insights on effectively conveying messages, setting the right tone, and fostering a sense of community in your HOA. Learn the importance of clarity, brevity, and tone in written communication, and how these elements can impact resident engagement and satisfaction. Explore real-life examples of transforming negative communications into positive opportunities for growth and improvement. Gain practical tips on using newsletters, emails, and other channels to engage homeowners and create a sense of community.

Chapters from today’s episode: Revamp HOA Relations: Mastering Your Communication Tone:

00:00 The people are not something you can ignore

01:48 How do you set the tone for your HOA?

05:26 The importance of clarity and brevity in business communication.

09:38 Examples of two different ways to communicate the same message in a HOA newsletter.

14:01 When you’re pushing back, it’s a pushback

17:30 The importance of having a community feel like a part of your association.

19:48 If you have a positive tone, it trickles down to committees that can help the HOA

23:56 The community is made up of the people.

27:34 Support Common Sense For Common Areas


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