Should HOA’s Continue to Conduct Remote Meetings?

Meeting remotely using video conferencing software became the norm for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Homeowners Associations were no different. In the interest of safety, many HOAs utilized remote meetings to conduct important business, such as discussing HOA insurance, during the pandemic. Should these remote meetings continue once the pandemic is over or is it time to get back to meeting in person?

What Was the HOAs Response To COVID?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many HOAs required board members to meet in person and establish a quorum to vote on issues, such as HOA insurance. However, once COVID-19 began spreading, remote meetings became the norm and where necessary, many states issued executive orders to allow non-profits, such as HOAs to conduct remote meetings.

Are In-Person HOA Meetings Safe To Resume?

The COVID-19 pandemic is always changing and sometimes changes happen rapidly. Just as it seemed that the worst of the delta surge had passed, the even more infectious omicron variant emerged, causing many governments and organizations to reinstate restrictions on gatherings.

The latest guidance from the CDC still recommends gathering virtually when gathering with people who are not in your household. It also recommends that in-person gatherings occur outdoors and to check local COVID-19 guidelines.

What Are the Benefits of Remote HOA Meetings?

The obvious benefit of remote meetings during the pandemic is to make it safe for HOA boards to conduct business. However, there are several other benefits:

More Attendance

Many homeowners have difficulty carving time out of their busy schedules to attend an in-person HOA meeting. However, since remote meetings don’t require leaving home, more homeowners tend to show up for them.

Easier To Fill Board Positions

HOAs often have difficulty finding interested homeowners to fill a board position. Remote meetings require less of a commitment and members can attend from anywhere, making being on the board more attractive.

Better Participation

Many people are more comfortable participating in a virtual meeting than speaking in front of a crowd at an in-person meeting. Combining this with increased attendance leads to better participation at meetings.

Will HOAs Be Able To Continue Remote Meetings?

Aside from the question of whether HOAs should meet virtually, there is the question of whether they will be able to once the pandemic is over. The answer depends on state laws the governing documents of the HOA. Many HOAs have amended their bylaws to allow virtual meetings. Some state laws already allowed virtual meetings and others may consider changing the law.

The advantages of remote meetings probably mean that many HOAs will continue to offer virtual options after the pandemic ends. In-person meetings may become the norm again, but a hybrid setup where people can choose whether to attend in-person or remotely is likely to become a common feature.

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