Summer Projects the HOA Should Invest In

There are plenty of summer projects that a local homeowners’ association could focus on to improve their status and tenants’ lives. It is usually one of the busiest seasons of the year. Indeed, HOAs must maintain projects in the summer often to serve residents.

Summer Projects and Their Use

Safety-conscious communities will invest in intelligent summer projects for HOAs that minimize risk and enrich residents’ lives. Check out the following four summer activity ideas and how HOAs can keep them safe.

Get Pools Ready for Swimmers

Swimming offers classic summertime leisure. It’s fun, it can help residents cool off, and it’s a chance to socialize. These factors make the community pool a hot spot during the summer, but it can also be a landmine of liability if leaders overlook proper safety precautions. An HOA should carefully inspect the pool and its components, including drains, bonding, and fencing. Officials should change drains intermittently and keep metal components away from the water, and fences around the pool must be secure.

Get Barbecues Ready for Grilling

The community grill likely will if the pool doesn’t draw residents out of their homes. If an HOA has a grilling area available for general use, it should be cleaned, maintained, and regularly inspected — mainly if the grill in question utilizes a gas component. An HOA must check the grill for gas leaks and ensure no visible deterioration. It may include holes or cracks in the tank. Officials should also inspect the gas line hose to confirm that it’s tightly connected.

Get the Clubhouse Ready for Bookings

A community with a shared clubhouse will likely see an uptick in usage when the summer months arrive. If traffic is still relatively slow, it may not necessitate scheduled bookings, but if there is a significant influx of users, an HOA may need to implement a booking system. It will prevent the clubhouse from becoming overcrowded, which can be a consequential liability. If too many people are on the premises, accidents are more likely, leading to a costly HOA insurance claim.

Get Equipment Ready for Residents

Some communities offer equipment to residents, including pool accessories or golf equipment if there is a golf course. This equipment will likely see heavy use in the summertime, so an HOA needs to inspect every item and remedy any potential safety issues. Officials should replace equipment worn and torn with newer, safer supplies. Additionally, they should review any items that require repair before making them available to residents again. It can minimize the risk of injury.

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