Transform Your HOA Culture for the Better!

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Today we explore the intricacies of HOA culture & take away lessons that can bring about much-needed improvements in your community’s “vibe”.

Navigate the fascinating intricacies of ‘HOA culture’ with our newest podcast episode. Join our thoughtful discussion that doesn’t just scratch the surface, but dives into the real-world challenges and opportunities presented by Homeowners’ Associations. Our guest, Jeff Westendorf, founder of West Property Management and veteran HOA board member, shares a wealth of experience about creating harmony in diverse communities and fostering a collaborative environment. Packed with practical strategies and actionable advice, this episode provides a roadmap to positive change and offers a refreshing perspective on the ways HOA’s can function beyond just rule enforcement. You’ll be equipped with ideas on how to cultivate better understanding, unity, and satisfaction in your neighborhood. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reshape your community’s dynamics for the better -Educate, demonstrate, guide and enable the revolution in your HOA culture!

Chapters from today’s episode: Transform Your HOA Culture for the Better!:

00:00 What are the laggards in your HOA?

01:05 Introduction to transform your HOA culture for the better!

03:17 Educate, demonstrate, guide and enable.

09:16 What Is CAI and CMCA?

12:54 Awareness: Are we talking about the community or the association?

15:40 Leveraging your leverage.

20:34 How to “enable”

26:20 The committee structure of a healthy association.

33:06 The importance of getting early adopters to take action.

37:58 Wrapping up



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