Why Hotel and Hospitality Associations Should Merge

Hotel and Hospitality Associations share a common ground and can work to assist each other toward reaching the same goal. Competition is a core part of the capitalist economy, but sometimes going it alone is detrimental to your company, especially if you’re a small business. For example, homeowners associations can better protect common neighborhood areas than individual homeowners since the organization qualifies for HOA insurance. Recognizing the power in numbers, many industries form trade associations to work toward common goals and share resources. Hospitality associations are a prime example, as they bring together a variety of companies, such as travel agencies, event planners, and food distributors. 

Hotel managers and owners also have much to gain by joining this particular association. The benefits of hotel and hospitality associations merging not only affect staff but can enhance guests’ experiences.

Advocacy for Hotel Interests

When considering why hotels need hospitality associations, advocacy is a stand-out factor. Associations fight for members’ interests in local and national governments, ensuring regulation doesn’t hinder growth. This lobbying power is essential for boutique hotels that don’t have the financial backing to oppose legislation on their own. Since tax bills affect everyone in the sector, it makes sense for hoteliers of all kinds to band together.

Opportunities To Network

The wide variety of association members means you can access many types of professionals. You can find deals and resources to improve your business as you network with other members. For example, a compatriot may have recommendations for HOA insurance or offer discounted event planning services for association members.

Access to Conventions

Many trade associations organize conventions for their members’ benefit. At these gatherings, associates can peruse vendor booths for new services. Technology plays a significant role at tradeshows since vendors often debut new booking, security, and other software before it becomes widespread. Early access to these products means you can stay competitive by offering exclusive amenities.

Savings and Benefits for Your Business

Many hospitality vendors offer discounts to association members, even if they aren’t members. Doing so is a great business strategy since it attracts a large customer base. For managers and owners, it means you can save money without compromising quality. As a result, you can put your funds into expanding your market share and wowing guests.

Access to Educational Resources

Finally, joining a hospitality association provides access to various educational resources. Even if you have experience running a hotel, there are tricks you may not know about. Associations spread industry knowledge in several ways:

  • Seminars and webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Apprenticeships

Depending on the organization, you can get certified in hotel administration, digital marketing, meeting management, or special events. These certifications may draw an elevated crowd to your lodgings, increasing profit and prestige. Since you can access these resources in various formats, you can quickly build your skills while keeping up with your work responsibilities.

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