3 Steps to Creating Effective Association Newsletters

The community association newsletter is an essential part of keeping community members informed and involved in the community. A great newsletter can help reduce conflict between board members and community members, or increase resident involvement in crime reduction efforts. When a newsletter that reaches as many community members as possible, it helps to spark interest within the community and increase member involvement in daily life in the community as well as special events. Additionally, an effective newsletter can help make community members aware of problems or concerns before they get out of hand as well as give residents the opportunity to work with board members to fix them.

Simply put, an effective association newsletter is an important tool in community association management. Here are 3 steps to creating effective association newsletters:

Step 1: Know Your Audience

It’s important to figure out who you’re writing to before you begin so that you can properly focus your efforts on reaching the right audience. The first step the newsletter writer should take is to examine the demographics of the association membership and take into consideration the location of the community as well as some of the habits of the community members. Once the writer has an idea of the type of people they are trying to reach, they can better tailor their content to those readers.

Step 2: Give it Readability

No one wants to read two or three pages of big blocks of texts in plain black and white. Catch the attention of readers – and keep their attention – with graphics and photos to break up the monotony of the traditional newsletter format. Use crisp, clean and professional-looking fonts and visuals like diagrams or charts that give a more visual representation of the information presented.

Step 3: Deliver Efficiently

Another important aspect to having an effective newsletter is making sure that it gets into the hands of community members and doesn’t end up in the trash before they even look at it. Some members prefer a physical newsletter to read, while some may prefer an electronic version. The simplest solution is to distribute the newsletter in as many mediums as possible. A printed newsletter should be sent in the mail or delivered by a familiar source rather than just dropped on doorsteps. Printed copies can also be left in the office for members to take and posted on any community bulletin boards. An electronic version can be easily emailed to all members, as well as made available on the association website. Delivering through a variety of avenues ensures that the newsletter can reach as many members as possible.


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