5 Tips for Your HOA Clients to Attract New Homeowners in 2021

Growing and upholding a reputably strong homeowner’s association (HOA) requires a lot of energy, focus, effort, and attention to residents’ needs. This is especially true when trying to attract new homeowners moving into the area. If HOA clients are struggling to grow its community, it will help to revisit its principles, outreach efforts, and leadership.

Here are some tips for HOA clients and how they can add new members and bring together new homeowners.

Start with the Board

It always helps if your HOA clients look within their board to see if anything needs to be updated, including its members. Doing regular reviews of members, policies, and community outreach can discover areas that need more attention and revision.

Good leaders of an HOA attract people to their organization by providing the right direction and guidance. Sound leadership puts the HOA in a good light with the community as a trusted and supportive body instead of one that rules with an iron fist and is no stranger to complaints and legal claims. And while protecting an HOA’s operations with HOA Insurance is a must, focusing on authentic quality leadership and community connectivity is critical.

If an HOA lacks quality leadership, then there’s a good chance the HOA will see disruption and unhappy residents from within.

Make Meetings More Open and Welcome to Residents

A difficult task in an HOA is to bring in a strong attendance for announcements and updates that aren’t just controversial. If an HOA is always meeting to discuss violations and more restrictions against the community, then attendance will be light.

To inspire people to come to meetings for positive reasons, such as getting to know members or get updates on everyday operations, here are some tips clients can use:

  • Make It Welcoming: HOA clients can start by creating a welcoming space for people to come to join. Hosting it in a clean room or adding refreshments, attendees will feel less uncomfortable.
  • Make It Organized: No one likes a sloppy schedule, so clients must prepare a well-planned and thought-out meeting that features easy-to-follow points of order and a strict timeline.
  • Keep Meetings Short: While there may be plenty to pack into one meeting, keeping everyone’s time a priority helps show respect and consideration. The best way to attract a loyal HOA community is by respecting their time and keeping meetings under one hour.
  • Give Enough Notice: Meetings that seem to pop up out of nowhere will only catch members off guard and frustrate them. What if they wanted to speak up at the next meeting, only to find out it was that night and they already had plans? Clients should give new homeowners plenty of time to make plans and join.

Ask for Volunteers

Even though social media might show something different, neighbors like to be neighborly with their, well, neighbors. After new homeowners have come to a couple of HOA events, they should feel welcome to get involved. This can be in the form of a fundraiser, a neighborhood workday, or helping other neighbors with projects. Homeowners are likely to join and remain loyal to an HOA if they have personally invested time, resources, and skills in the community.

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