9 Successful Guidelines for HOA Community

Homeowner’s associations have an essential responsibility to their members but need to help them become involved in the HOA community. In addition to protecting property values, HOAs must coordinate the care and maintenance of their community. But what HOA guidelines are practical for achieving this? HOAs should follow these nine steps to ensure success.

Involve the Homeowners

The first step to building a successful HOA is enlisting involvement from its members. Forming committees is a great way to do this. Every committee offers homeowners an opportunity to voice their opinion and get involved in their HOA community.

Put the Community First

HOA community leadership often faces the opportunity to act in their own interest. However, the community’s interests must always come first. Board members should prioritize expenses such as HOA insurance before installing a swimming pool. Thus, HOA insurance is a more pressing need for the community.

Respect the Decision-Making Process

Within any leadership structure, there will inevitably be disagreement. When this happens in an HOA, the conflict can threaten the community’s well-being. Regardless, all board members must respect the decision-making process and honor any final decisions.

Maintain a Clear Vision

Perhaps the most critical responsibility of any HOA is maintaining a clear vision for its community. An HOA should develop a mission statement to illustrate its own purpose. Then, they must regularly assess adherence to this mission. Without a clear purpose, initiatives are more likely to become misguided.

Run the Board Like Business

Maintaining a mission is essential, but so is making a profit. Homeowners’ HOA dues should always provide a surplus to account for unexpected expenses, maintenance, and other costs. Board members should approach financial dealings with professionalism and prudence.

Work as a Team

Too many HOAs act as individual entities and fail to engage with their own communities. Committees are also guilty of this. To maximize efficacy, though, HOAs must intentionally work as a team with committees and tackle common concerns together.

Always Give Thanks

Establishing a healthy relationship with HOA’s community members is imperative, and one of the best ways to maintain goodwill is by giving thanks. An HOA board should always thank residents for adhering to guidelines, volunteering for committees, and acting in their community’s interest.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is the crux of any successful HOA’s operations. Additionally, board members should always maintain an open-door policy and welcome feedback from community members. Meetings and scheduled events should not be the only place where people speak to one another. 

Collaborate With Third Parties

Sometimes, it may become necessary to enlist help from a third party. An HOA may need help from a community manager or an accountant. Thus, these people can handle issues outside the board members’ areas of expertise. The HOA must collaborate with these providers effectively.

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