Setting Safety Regulations for our HOA in the Summer

Setting safety regulations for your HOA is essential to establishing a clear and proper relationship with people. If proper summer HOA safety precautions aren’t taken, community events and poolside activities can become a significant liability. If you’re wondering how to establish and enforce these precautions, it can be difficult to anticipate every hazard. Rather than creating an assortment of rules, HOAs should focus on cultivating a culture of safety during summer.

Safety Regulations for your HOA

It is important to establish safety regulations for your HOA. Consider the following principles for establishing this environment.

Identify and Enforce Important Rules

Do HOA’s need special regulations for summer safety? In most cases, the answer is yes. Summer can unleash kids’ wild sides, and it can feel like a free-for-all for adults, too. To curb unsafe behaviors, HOAs should consider a seasonal set of rules that are in place to keep residents safe. These rules may include no running in certain areas or specific enforcement of improvement restrictions. Summer might prompt residents to make unapproved additions such as pools and new landscaping, but it’s essential to prevent this.

Give Residents Resources for Safety

Ultimately, summer rules should be about keeping residents safe — and to this end, residents should have access to resources that serve this purpose. Around the pool, sunscreen should be readily available, and life jackets and floaties should also be in abundant supply. Giving residents access to safety supplies can drastically cut down on risky behaviors and thus mitigate liabilities in the process. It is excellent for keeping HOA insurance rates low. Liabilities are an obvious risk to the well-being of your residents, but they can also pose a financial threat if they escalate to an HOA insurance claim.

Offer Swimming Lessons for the Pool

Offering life jackets and floaties is a helpful gesture, but it’s even more beneficial to provide swim lessons for kids. In addition to the obvious safety benefit, swim lessons can boost kids’ self-esteem, offer an outlet for physical exercise, and provide socialization time for kids in the community. These benefits make it a great addition to your HOA’s summertime programming. Most importantly, though, it can massively reduce the likelihood of any injuries in the water.

Consider a Community Curfew

Another safety standard that an HOA may implement is the seasonal enforcement of a community curfew. During summer, it will stay light outside for longer, which may encourage residents to enjoy outdoor activities much later than they usually would. While this could be enjoyable, it could also lead to noise violations, which may lead to citations. These outcomes may be avoidable by simply implementing a curfew that keeps residents indoors after hours. It can help maintain peace and quiet for every resident.

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