Creating an Effective HOA Board & HOA Manager Relationship

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Today we address a listener’s question about deteriorating relationships with HOA managers. Discover the key differences between a board’s role and an HOA manager’s responsibilities.

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Today we delve deep into the concerns raised by Leslie from Texas about the challenges of deteriorating relationships with HOA managers. The episode aims to shed light on the distinct roles and boundaries between a board’s obligations and an HOA manager’s duties. Often, these blurred lines can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. As we navigate this topic, listeners will gain insights into recognizing signs of a strained relationship, the importance of open communication, and the steps to take if considering a change. If you’re an HOA Board Member or an HOA Manager striving for a harmonious working relationship, this episode is an invaluable resource.

Chapters from today’s episode: Creating an Effective HOA Board & HOA Manager Relationship:

00:00 The value of giving your HOA Managers continuing education

01:02 A proper introduction and history to Julie Adamen

03:56 When to know when to fire your HOA Manager

08:04 What to look for in the resume of a good HOA Manager

11:45 What are the expectations between an HOA board and a HOA Manager?

16:08 The difference between HOA policy and micromanaging HOA Managers

20:41 Understanding how much time an HOA Manager needs to complete tasks

24:29 How can an HOA Board be considered a good account by the management company?

31:16 Wrapping up

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