Dealing With Troublesome Residents: The Dos and Don’ts

Homeowners associations offer many different advantages to buyers in the area and are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. But while this looks like good news, with more members comes more potential for possible issues with unruly residents. Complaints between residents come in a variety of ways and HOA board members need to know how to handle troublesome residents who are causing issues with their fellow community members or the HOA as a whole.

It’s important that an HOA has a few things in place to handle disputes including HOA insurance coverage, such as Directors & Officers insurance, and a comprehensive resolution process. Here are some other ways in which HOA’s can keep liabilities low and boost transparency between all of their residents.

Play by the Rules

Some people in an HOA may be acting deliberately when they’re being difficult and some truly don’t know the rules of an HOA. In some cases, unruly behavior may be due to lack of understanding, making it important to have a policy written down that includes all of the things that are allowed in your community.

An HOA should include all important details on what’s allowed in their community, from lawn maintenance to use of public grounds, such as pools and playgrounds. This will help to establish a transparent relationship with homeowners in the area while also providing a paper trail if things escalate.

Keep to Your Rules

Once rules have been made and expectations have been set by an HOA, it’s important to stick to them and not stray. Residents only get away with what the HOA allows them to get away with. By not handling a situation based on the rules that have been set, an HOA is basically letting them have permission to continue on as is.

One way this can be avoided is to open a line of communication with the resident(s) in question. By advising them with policies and giving them a fair warning, and an opportunity to explain themselves, can help to alleviate most issues early on. If, however, something escalates, then financial penalty is always an effective option when it comes to getting the message across.

Staying strict early on increases the chances that rules will be followed and communication will be kept open and honest.

Take Legal Action, if Necessary

The very last-ditch effort by an HOA when dealing with troublesome residents is to take legal action against them. If rules have been set and the resident(s) knowingly broke them after understanding them, it may be time to consider this course. HOAs have a duty to uphold the integrity of the community they represent and having proof of communication and rule-breaking can help an HOA in its case against a resident.

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