How Can HOAs Attract & Retain Homeowners?

Homeowner’s associations tend to get bad reputations for being sticklers for the rules or uptight about utilities. At the same time, the Foundation for Community Association found that 74.1 million people lived in HOAs in 2020, grouped into 355,000 different organizations. Clearly, the HOA model is attractive for many Americans.

If you provide HOA insurance, giving your clients tips on how to attract and retain their members is a key way to ensure they succeed. At your next consultation, offer them the following five ways to build their memberships so that their budgets stay healthy.

1. Make It Easy for New Members to Join

Lengthy application processes or paper requirements dissuade many potential homeowners. HOA boards can streamline the application process by creating a website and posting all their forms on it. That way, your clients’ new homeowners can start their applications without driving to the neighborhood.

2. Focus on a Welcoming Environment

One of the top tips for HOA clients to attract new homeowners is to offer a beautiful, welcoming community. This means prioritizing landscaping in your clients’ budgets and staying on top of trash and recycling collections. It also means more creative solutions such as regular community engagement programs such as a group garden or a recreational sports league.

3. Say Yes to Pets

Many people who have HOA insurance don’t want their members to have pets. On the one hand, this policy makes sense because pets increase their properties’ chances of getting damaged, and if residents don’t pick up after their dogs, the neighborhood can quickly become a mess. On the other, many potential applicants see no-pet policies as exclusive and elitist. If your clients are wondering how to make HOA a more positive experience, saying yes to pets should be at the top of their to-do lists.

4. Provide Plenty of Welcome Information

Your clients’ residents shouldn’t have to guess what the rules are or wonder who they should ask for help when their street has a big pothole or their yard has an animal control issue. Providing an informational packet to all prospective and new members makes your clients’ HOA policies transparent and easily understandable. In addition to the rules and fees, this packet should list all the benefits of joining.

5. Listen to Each Member

Your clients’ members are paying to join a community, so they deserve to have their voices heard. Although it can be hard to hear complaint after complaint, encourage your HOA insurance clients to be patient with their members and listen to each issue fully. At least once a year, they should send out surveys on past events and policies as well as any ideas members have for improvement.

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