The Benefits of Hiring an On-Call HOA Manager

Homeowners’ associations offer a number of benefits to members. An HOA can maintain high property values, boost community engagement, and provide access to amenities. An HOA manager is a great resource to ensure that all homeowner members are able to enjoy these benefits and enforce community rules, too, when necessary. Some HOA members might wonder — should your HOA have an on-call manager? There are many benefits of an on-call HOA manager, including the following four advantages that your clients may be able to benefit from.

Minimize Board Responsibilities

The issues that are brought to an HOA board aren’t always a pressing matter—but the complainant might believe they are. Some HOA members have a tendency to file complaints and make requests on a regular basis, which can eventually become a disturbance to board members. An on-site HOA manager, however, can deal with these issues and ensure that the board isn’t involved unless a serious matter arises. This saves time, effort, and energy for all of the HOA board members and prevents frivolous concerns from hindering important work.

Appoint an HOA Expert

An on-site HOA manager can also serve as the resident HOA expert. HOA board members are tasked with making important decisions for the organization, but they aren’t always the best resource for immediate answers to questions and assistance with minor matters. An on-site manager can fill that role instead and provide HOA expertise for all homeowners in the community. By learning the HOA rules and becoming familiar the regulations, an on-site manager becomes an invaluable resource. Members who call with quick questions can get the help they need without necessitating an escalation to the board members.

Maintain Relationships with Vendors

Yet another important responsibility that an on-site manager can take over is overseeing relationships and transactions with approved vendors. HOAs typically maintain contracts with specific contractors and service providers, but the board is often unequipped to adequately maintain these services. An on-site manager, however, can take responsibility for vendor-related tasks such as scheduling community landscaping, renewing HOA insurance, and retaining any other service that the HOA deems necessary. An on-site manager can also take care of billing and payment for these vendors.

Maintain a Well-Managed Community

Perhaps the greatest benefit of an on-site HOA manager is the ability to maintain a well-managed community. HOAs are an asset when they’re run efficiently and effectively, but a board that’s stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked is rarely able to adequately serve their community. An on-site HOA manager can take over the minutia of running a community and ensure that all homeowners enjoy the full benefits of their HOA membership. The next time one of your clients asks whether they should invest in an on-site HOA manager, remind them of these benefits.

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