How HOA’s Can Attract More Homeowners

Have your homeowner association insurance clients experienced recent difficulties with attracting new residents to their communities? Even in the best-kept neighborhoods, increasing HOA participation and drawing in new homeowners can sometimes present a challenge. However, your HOA Insurance clients may be able to turn things around and begin building up their neighborhoods by taking a series of tried-and-true steps to improve their communities. If you want to successfully advise your clients on the ins and outs of attracting new homeowners to your HOA, consider working through this list with them.

Improve the Cleanliness and Aesthetics of Your Neighborhood To Boost Its Attractiveness

The first piece of advice you may want to share with your clients is to ensure a clean and attractive neighborhood. Boosting community aesthetics is a simple way to draw in new residents while improving quality of life for current homeowners. Your clients may wish to:

  • Implement a community trash clean-up event once in a while to remove debris and junk from your neighborhood
  • Start a local community garden where homeowners can help plant vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and other plants
  • Keep the lawns mowed and treat them in the colder months to keep them looking as lush and green as possible
  • Hire professional landscapers to add a clean-cut and appealing look to the neighborhood
  • Encourage homeowners to care for their yards and the exteriors of their homes to boost curb appeal and overall neighborhood aesthetics

Provide Unique Innovations and Cutting-Edge Technology in Your Neighborhood

Another easy way your HOA insurance clients can attract more homeowners is by providing unique and cutting-edge technology to neighborhood residents. For instance, your clients might opt to:

  • Create an HOA website complete with chat forums where homeowners can connect with each other and pay bills electronically
  • Design a portal where all homeowners can access HOA rules, read important community documents, and submit complaints or requests
  • Offer important updates to community members via text or email instead of by mail
  • Install automated irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, or street light systems in the neighborhood to slash communal utility bills and HOA fees

Offer Helpful Services and Create a Strong Sense of Community

Lastly, having a strong sense of community can be a powerful draw for any prospective homeowners. Your clients might want to:

  • Make the community a pet-friendly one and offer doggy bags and pet parks where homeowners can walk their furry friends
  • Host local community events to help homeowners get to know each other and to foster a welcoming and trusting neighborhood feel
  • Respond quickly and effectively to community requests and homeowners’ complaints

Even if your HOA Insurance clients have a well-managed HOA board and put in the effort to upkeep their communities, they may still be experiencing difficulties with attracting new residents. However, they may be able to turn that trend around by boosting neighborhood aesthetics, implementing cutting-edge technology, and fostering a stronger sense of community.

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