Should HOA’s Continue to Conduct Remote Meetings?

The pandemic threw quite the wrench in many business elements, including the traditional meeting forum. How can people discuss current conditions and budget issues when they struggle to sit in the same room? The need for distance greatly affected homeowner’s associations since boards traditionally required in-person voters to pass budgets for HOA insurance and neighborhood upgrades.

With COVID posing a significant health hazard, governments amended rules, permitting discussions to move online. However, with an increase in vaccines and medical treatments, is this trend likely to remain? Is it even legal? As an insurance agent, listen to your HOA clients’ concerns and discuss the possibility and viability of continuing remote meetings despite returning to the old normal.

HOA Meetings During COVID

During this historical time, the world shut down and left many, including HOA boards, to face unprecedented challenges. Traditionally, meetings had set dates, requiring a percentage of people present to alter rules and laws. In fact, without people present, nothing could take place at all.

Government rulings created executive orders suspending these in-person mandates, creating leeway for boards to look at remote options. Leadership could finally seek input and vote on necessary directives using online platforms. Members could establish set times, publish the information online or through community signage, allowing more to participate from work to the comfort of their homes.

Whether this practice continues relies on several factors. As executive orders lapse, the government must determine whether official changes should happen. In addition, the board must amend their bylaws, creating new legislation and asking members to vote for remote meetings to remain a possibility.

Why HOA Remote Meetings Work

Distance, in some ways, proved exceedingly convenient and successful. For years, boards struggled to get people to attend meetings. Some complained about the time, finding it hard to fit it in with family, work and activities. Others disliked the close quarters and possible bickering. Going remote solved many of these problems.

Modern technology allows neighbors to hop onto the meeting from any location, minimizing excuses and enhancing flexibility. With more attending, HOAs experience a rise in participation. A recent article in Forbes touted numerous lessons learned from remote HOA meetings. For instance, they cited the more significant numbers led to more voices and furthered dialogue. With a bigger capacity and a laid-back atmosphere, the group can hear perspectives from a larger community population. The boost in exposure could draw future leaders who now have time interest in working with HOA concerns.

Simplicity and environmentally beneficial methods continue to gain popularity. Remote meetings reduce waste. Rather than printing handouts and agendas, the secretary posts information on the local website. Residents click and download to access information.

Recognize the struggle your HOA clients face, acting as a confidante and advisor. Work with groups to secure appropriate HOA insurance and help them understand the legal constraints and current opportunities to make remote meetings a long-term possibility.

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