Summer HOA Property Maintenance

When you’re selling insurance to the heads of local homeowner’s associations, they’re concerned about damage to their properties during the summer. After all, there are many storms, and members’ parties are more likely to get out of control and cause damage. As you meet with HOA heads and figure out their HOA insurance, offer them these tips for keeping their properties beautiful during the hot months.

Keep Up With Mowing the Grass

Your HOA clients are responsible for any communal property in their neighborhood, such as pools and parks. Keeping up with regular mowing is key to keeping these areas clean and hazard-free. Long grass attracts rodents, which spread diseases and find their way into other residents’ properties. On the other hand, grass that’s cut too short does not handle droughts well, increasing the chances that your HOA clients’ properties turn to dust.

One of the other ways your HOA prepares for the summer is by setting grass regulations for the rest of the neighborhood. While HOA heads usually don’t cut residents’ grass, they can set weekly cutting requirements and impose fines on members who don’t comply.

Finish All Watering Before the Afternoon

Your HOA insurance clients need to set a schedule for watering their lawns, and in hot or drought-prone areas, some areas may need watering every day. Lawn-watering quickly becomes an expensive endeavor, so to maximize their budgets, your clients should handle all lawn-watering in the morning. In the afternoon, the sun is so strong that the water evaporates before the grass can soak it in, so any watering conducted then is simply a waste.

Invest in Drought-Resistant Plants

For HOA clients who live in particularly dry areas and have low budgets, drought-resistant plants are the key to keeping their neighborhoods beautiful without losing all their funds to mowing and watering. If their climate is hot enough, cactus plants such as prickly pears provide flowers without intense gardening bills. For cooler climates, hardy perennial plants that return every year, such as alliums, rock roses, and aloes are good options. Encourage your clients to weed regularly or contract with a landscaping company to make the most out of these plants.

Maintain All Plants

When you meet to discuss HOA insurance in the summer, one of your clients’ first questions is whether you cover storm damage. After explaining your policy, give them tips on how to maintain trees and other plants in their area to reduce the chance of storm destruction. They should regularly inspect trees in communal areas and residents’ yards for dead branches, which need to be removed immediately. Additionally, they should prune bushes and other large shrubs to prevent property damage, especially window breakage, during hurricanes and other major storms.

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