The Dos and Don’ts of Handling Complaints and Disputes

Homeowners associations offer many different advantages to buyers in the area and are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. But while this looks like good news, with more members comes more potential for claims against an HOA. The complaint process is unavoidable but can be handled effectively to avoid legal issues. As long as complaints are handled in the best way by an HOA, major risks can be kept limited.

It’s important that an HOA has a few things in place to handle disputes including HOA insurance coverage, such as Directors & Officers insurance, and a comprehensive resolution process. Here are some other ways in which HOA’s can keep liabilities low and effectively and handle disputes among members.

Write It Down

Verbal complaints aren’t always handled in the right way. Never take a verbal complaint at face value as this will not supply an adequate paper trail to prove a complaint and handle it properly. Opt for requiring all complaints in writing and having the individual identify themselves clearly on a complaint or dispute. This will give an HOA the necessary information to follow up and ensure that there are legitimate reasons behind a complaint.

Hold Board Meetings and Forums

Not encouraging discussions and communication can put a damper on transparency and trust among members. Meetings are a great way to encourage feedback and gather complaints to address. HOA board members can let homeowners bring their complaints to the table. It’s important to create a welcoming and encouraging environment where ideas can be shared and thoughts can be addressed.

Handle Authority Responsibly

It’s also important to not give one person too much power. While it may make sense to have a point person when it comes to complaints, it will help even more to have a team of people handling these issues to get all angles of ideas down. It’s easy for someone to feel that they have more authority than everyone on certain issues, which can go to their head and backfire. An entire board should get together and handle conflicts and come up with solutions together to bolster community and communication.

Know When to Act

Complaints come in all shapes and sizes. From noisy neighbors to violent acts, from strange smells to loud midnight parties, there is no end to which complaints can be labeled. Sometimes there will be a complaint that needs more direct action than others, so make sure to have a system in place to address complaints that are high priority while giving attention to other complaints that need to be handled in time.

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