Fire Safety for Condo Associations

Living in a condo association comes with a lot of perks for residents. They get to enjoy a wide range of amenities and a convenient location in some instances. But living in a condo association also comes with its own set of challenges, not unlike other residential scenarios. One challenge that potentially affects everyone in a community is fire safety, especially with units sharing walls and common spaces.

In 2019, more than 1.3 million fires took place, with 26 percent focused on residential structures, including condos. Fire can damage multiple units at a time, bringing destruction to families and their belongings.

The good news is that condo associations can implement fire safety measures to limit fire exposure and risks throughout their community. With simple steps, clients in the condo association sector can help their residents stay safe during the winter.

Conduct Fire Safety Training

Condo association leaders can ask their local fire department to provide fire safety training to residents and staff. Regular fire drills and safety training helps teach building occupants what to do before, during, and following a fire. During an exercise, condo association leaders should instruct occupants to participate in the activity and follow evacuation procedures to be more aware of what to expect and what to do.

Keep Areas Clear

When a fire emergency is happening in real-time, getting rid of clutter and obstructions is critical, especially in areas like stairways, hallways, and access points. This helps limit people’s potential to get stuck or have to slow down their exit and gives emergency response professionals more availability to get to the fire at hand. Condo association clients can keep these pathways clear by strictly enforcing policies that forbid residents from leaving trash in common areas, including their garbage waste, boxes, and furniture.

Check for Window Seal of Approval

Sometimes, building windows on lower stories have security bars or gates to keep those inside safer and keep unauthorized individuals from entering. While these items provide added safety and security, they may also act as traps for residents during a fire and hinder emergency responders’ rescue efforts.

If the condo building has security bars on windows, the leaders need to make sure they have a stamp or label indicating the local fire department’s approval. Bars and gates approved by fire departments are easy to open and don’t require tools or keys.

Be Proactive with Condo Association Insurance

Condo associations can limit their legal damage resulting from a fire with their purchase of condo association insurance. This can cover everything from simple slip and fall cases to negligence from directors and officers.

For example, if a fire breaks out, affecting the entire condo community, and no fire safety measures were set in place before, community members may feel inclined to bring charges against the association. Having condo association insurance protects a community’s leaders with this comprehensive insurance package and reduces the legal and financial fallout.

While insurance isn’t a preventative measure that protects residents, it can help them to know that the

community they live in is taking the right steps to be accountable if something like a fire takes place.

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